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Customized Fat loss By Kyle Leon- Fat loss During pregnancy

Neither Martin, mother of eight Petal sons, usually fell with weight problems. "I've always tried to have a comparison of diet, balanced meal plan, the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals, and when I got pregnant, I took care of more with Customized Fat loss scam By Kyle Leon

During pregnancy I gained 15 pounds.
The last three pounds I jumped the swelling of the legs from the ankles, calves - normally I have a size 38 and at that time I was 41! "When Petri born Martina weight unaddressed.

"In the beginning, only breast-sleep-sleeping and breast-feeding or do not expect a ten kilo is now gone.
There will, however, some weight with which you need to deal with. I started to solve the postpartum period through swift and long walks with the stroller. Weight went away because nicely down. "But over time, the weight loss stopped and it was still necessary to do something more"In the fourth month after birth, I started practicing. Was combined with running and started playing tennis recreationally, thanks to which the whole body is in motion nicely.

And I kept in the health center to measure the proportion of muscle, fat and water. He advised me there minor modifications in diet.In pregnancy, I had a sweet tooth did not feel, but during lactation yes! I was able to eat an entire chocolate in one sitting!
 Therefore, helped me when you recommend specific foods for carbohydrates "Martina is now happy with her weight, enjoying motherhood and taking care of their first baby In the foreseeable future is going to sign up for exercise classes with children with Customized Fat loss reviews By Kyle Leon:

Customized Fat loss By Kyle Leon-Handling fat loss

I had a feeling that I have to handle everything, and even I was suddenly a pound after the first delivery off quickly with Customized Fat loss torrent By Kyle Leon

During the second pregnancy I gained more and more quickly, so the weight loss harder. I picked 23 pounds and I still have three extra kilos, "says Eva, adding:" I hope that this article gets Pert Hacek, but I'm the type who essentially hates exercise.

That's why I tried to lose weight through diet weekly cleanup, but it did not help. "

As such, it managed to get close to their original form? "Even after the second birth, I started working as soon as possible, and help me one thing. I started to attend the Petra Clinic Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, where I was due lymphoid and painlessly lose weight and started with, "says Eva.”

Moderation when I have one greater tool - I found slimming clothes. On drawstring dress just cannot happen. "Eva although not pay any exercise, but it’s extremely lively children to her care of the movement perfectly.”About Michael and Susanna nab ham me, my husband and grandmother.

We should not yet be common dining; children eat through the game, "laughs Eve.

"Now I'm almost happy with his weight. And I have one more trick that has made me feel at ease. I avoid weight gain, and if you appreciate it, so essentially naked - you would not believe it, but jeans can weigh as much as pounds! "

Martina (34): I lost due to movement
Original weight: 62 kg
Weight in pregnancy: 77 kg
Current weight: 59 kg with the help of Customized Fat loss E book By Kyle Leon:

Customized Fat loss By Kyle Leon - Slimming treatments

How to lose weight after giving birth? His experience told Eva Decal and other moms with Customized Fat loss info By Kyle Leon
 It was left to you after the birth a few unwanted fat deposits in problem areas? Do not despair Come and be inspired by three mothers that their postpartum rid of extra pounds already.How to lose weight after giving birth?  His experience told Eva Densely and other moms

Eva (34) helped me especially slimming treatments
Original weight: 50 kg
Weight in 1st pregnancy: 69 kg
Weight in second pregnancy: 73 kg
Current weight: 53 kg Although you now that the popular presenter, mother son and daughter of Susan Michael, certainly did not say she gained weight during pregnancy some extra kilos. "
Before I became a mother, I have a weight problem usually fell short. I am one of the lucky few who are genetically determined to eat virtually anything. My usual weight was 50 kg and weight and figure I never had to deal with, "says Eva.

"During the first pregnancy I gained 19 pounds during the second 23rd I still have three extra pounds, but I have my tricks guaranteed as disguise , "says Eva, who even after childbirth did not want to get out of the attached work rate, so for 14 days after giving birth to her first child, she began to moderate."In combination with, wakeful 'baby, which I at night every hour and a half to get up, dropping pounds was somehow itself with Customized Fat loss reviews By Kyle Leon:

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Complex mode exercise for fat loss

If exercise is achieved due to the complex mode almost lightning speed switching, give enough partial relaxation, especially in the occipital-scapular region. If practiced in it can cause a feeling of heaviness even standing, it will cause total relaxation with the advantage of obviating the need in a special position of the body.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE auditory training - During the lessons autogenous training should never be dramatically boost the exercise or detained at any stage. Each exercise is necessary to deeply felt and learned.To stop this decline has many advantages  KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM

All formulas (e.g., "heavy hand") to visualize how glitters in the dark with eyes closed, like a melody, a phrase sound, a picture, etc. It is possible to recall the corresponding sensations experienced before. We should not repeat the formula convulsively, forcing her to think only about them. This can cause stress, which in turn leads to various disorders, such as headache, hindering the process of autogenous training.view further detailes,

To thoughts unrelated to the exercise, you should take it easy: they disappear. Contribute to this imaginary picture of formulas that occur without an internal voltage of vision or hearing. So gradually develop the ability to relax the whole body, which occurs naturally. As the repetition of all 6 individual exercises more merge into a single complex. When dealing with in the future is going to begin to exercise, the total switching often occurs immediately. After 5-6 months.

Shortened formula, expressing the general feeling: "It's hard - warm - the heart of calm - breathing - celiac plexus warm - cool forehead - quietly."

Fat Loss Program With Far Measurements & Research

The Kyle Leon program is carried out by us so far measurements (they are not finished yet and therefore can not be accurately assessed from a scientific point of view) suggest that this effect is mainly refers to the category of psychological phenomena than to physiological phenomena. During focus on the formula of "Lob pleasantly cool 'attention is directed to the forehead, with the notice light the movement of air that gives a subjective sensation of coolness. Only a few months of training after the "main stage autogenous" some really can achieve slightly pronounced vasoconstriction in the area. But to justify this phenomenon requires further study. Caution when performing this exercise should observe patients suffering from headache. In such cases, a lightweight form of concentration, such as the formula "Lob nice and cool slightly."information available here:

At 6-described exercises and built the foundation of autogenous training. Their assimilation usually leaves 2.5-3 months training. The exercises should be performed 2-3 times daily. In the next 4-6 months the results are all expressions and come faster.

At the end of the total complex to cause the opposite effect (see KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM), thus learning to relax deeply in all the systems, and when you return to the original state is actively collected and strain. It is involved in acquiring the ability to spontaneously switch from state to state of stress relaxation and composure.

Just like after any exercise after autogenous for some time is a weakening effect. If this is expressed significantly after a break in a few days is recommended to start again from the exercises that usually gives a certain time results. In the event of disturbances or changes should see a doctor, especially in case of anxiety or disorders of the organs in the classroom.

Regulation of fat loss activity

Regulation of fat loss activity of the abdominal cavity - Just as the limbs and organs of the thorax (respiratory, heart) should relax the abdominal cavity. For this exercise the focuses on the largest nerve plexus of the abdomen, namely celiac (solar) plexus. It is located on the back wall of the abdomen, about midway between the navel and the lower edge of the sternum. By this stage, you are ready, having worked exercises 1-4: "It's hard, warm, and calm, warmth spreads over the solar plexus." The latest installation must be repeated several times. review about KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM

This exercise should be performed within 10 - 14 days. Frequently helps idea that exhalation air spreads over the abdominal cavity.

For head - The complex of sensations in a soothing bath can serve as a model state for auditory training. The soothing effect is enhanced if we put on the forehead cool (not cold) compress. A person must be a "warm heart" and "cool head" with the excitement of the blood rushes to your head. Therefore, exercises for the head occupy a special place autogenous training. A carefully perform exercises 1-5 and concentrates for a few seconds until the first local sensation, and then 3-6 times repeats the installation: "Lob pleasantly cool."view more sources.

Focus on exercise, "Heat" and associated "with this feeling cause dilation of blood vessels, which to some extent is to increase skin temperature. Not so with a sense of coolness in the forehead.

The mastery of The Customized Fat Loss Program

With the mastery of The Customized Fat Loss exercises in the future can give up the above positions and execute it in the normal position, regulating heart function without assistance. One should not seek slowing of the heart, as this effect is fraught with undesirable consequences. After prolonged exercise may be, if there are medical indications to intervene and change of the pulse. To perform this exercise requires particularly close medical supervision!Information sources by KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM

Regulation of respiration - Breathing is intermediate between voluntary and involuntary activities. When autogenous training exercises designed to relax muscles and blood vessels, as well as the regulation of the heart, and have an impact on the breath, that is, an effect of generalization, similar to the spread of self-feeling of heaviness and heat coached hands on the other limb. However, any deliberate change in breathing is a violation, because any effort means the voltage. Breathing exercises should be started only after carefully worked out earlier, only then can go to the following formula "Breath of calm."review about customized fat loss.

Many involved tend to do breathing exercises arbitrarily; the type previously learned breathing exercises. In the auditory training, it is unacceptable. Regulation of breathing should be as a result of the complex of the above exercises. It is recommended formula: "I can breathe easy." If the effect is achieved, then appears the same condition as when sailing in light waves in a relaxed position on the back.

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Weight Loss approach with Body Flex

Weight Loss and comprehensive approach - Despite the proven effectiveness of science, technique Body Flex not be able to provide a rapid and pronounced effect in the event that adipose tissue has long been firmly established for such hard-to training places like the inner thighs, stomach and hips. So count on an immediate result does not have to - Body Flex implies a systematic and regular execution of special systems, which gradually will help to achieve the desired result.
By the way, you can read an interesting article on how to remove fat from the here more Guide lines:KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS Program

Fatty tissue out from these parts of the body with great difficulty, and sometimes the process can drag on for months. Therefore, experts recommend losing weight to combine these breathing exercises with proper nutrition, increased physical activity, and modern hardware techniques. A correctly designed system would be the best way to lose weight is not only fast, but also safe.Hardware techniques and Body Flex:

Due to its unique features Body Flex is a great way to speed up the lymph flow, so if you use it in combination with ultrasound cavitation , can achieve impressive results. The essence of this procedure is that under the influence of ultrasound in the fat cells are formed microbubble airs, which then burst and damage the membrane, converts fat into a liquid state. After most of the released cavitation fat passes into the lymph and thence out of the body.

The body flex approach the outlines of the figures

With the body flex approach the outlines of the figures even after long workouts are just massive? Over all it is a perfectly logical explanation - exercises strengthen the muscles, but the layer of fat over them remained. So the dream of harmony and remain unfulfilled, and only look for an alternative chosen method of getting rid of extra pounds.more information here: KYLELEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM

Body Flex is the dream of a rapid weight loss - it's quite a unique system created by American Greer Childers. According to her, often cause rapid weight gain - slow metabolism because of which metabolites are distributed in the body properly, and there is a constant increase in the volume of the body. The main reason for this state of affairs, from her point of view is our wrong and shallow breathing. Due to the constant lack of oxygen is not only slowing down the metabolism, but also the gradual deterioration of muscle tissue that does not receive the necessary substances to it.
Many believe that the technique Body Flex - is the best way to achieve a qualitative improvement in breathing and, therefore, to begin getting rid of excess weight. But, contrary to popular opinion, this method is not designed for instant weight loss that occurs without any effort. In fact,( anyone who decides to resort to Body Flex have to work hard because, in addition to a special breathing system and suggests the implementation of various exercises designed to strengthen the deep muscles and improve stretch marks.