Thursday, 12 September 2013

Complex mode exercise for fat loss

If exercise is achieved due to the complex mode almost lightning speed switching, give enough partial relaxation, especially in the occipital-scapular region. If practiced in it can cause a feeling of heaviness even standing, it will cause total relaxation with the advantage of obviating the need in a special position of the body.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE auditory training - During the lessons autogenous training should never be dramatically boost the exercise or detained at any stage. Each exercise is necessary to deeply felt and learned.To stop this decline has many advantages  KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM

All formulas (e.g., "heavy hand") to visualize how glitters in the dark with eyes closed, like a melody, a phrase sound, a picture, etc. It is possible to recall the corresponding sensations experienced before. We should not repeat the formula convulsively, forcing her to think only about them. This can cause stress, which in turn leads to various disorders, such as headache, hindering the process of autogenous training.view further detailes,

To thoughts unrelated to the exercise, you should take it easy: they disappear. Contribute to this imaginary picture of formulas that occur without an internal voltage of vision or hearing. So gradually develop the ability to relax the whole body, which occurs naturally. As the repetition of all 6 individual exercises more merge into a single complex. When dealing with in the future is going to begin to exercise, the total switching often occurs immediately. After 5-6 months.

Shortened formula, expressing the general feeling: "It's hard - warm - the heart of calm - breathing - celiac plexus warm - cool forehead - quietly."

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