Thursday, 12 September 2013

Regulation of fat loss activity

Regulation of fat loss activity of the abdominal cavity - Just as the limbs and organs of the thorax (respiratory, heart) should relax the abdominal cavity. For this exercise the focuses on the largest nerve plexus of the abdomen, namely celiac (solar) plexus. It is located on the back wall of the abdomen, about midway between the navel and the lower edge of the sternum. By this stage, you are ready, having worked exercises 1-4: "It's hard, warm, and calm, warmth spreads over the solar plexus." The latest installation must be repeated several times. review about KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM

This exercise should be performed within 10 - 14 days. Frequently helps idea that exhalation air spreads over the abdominal cavity.

For head - The complex of sensations in a soothing bath can serve as a model state for auditory training. The soothing effect is enhanced if we put on the forehead cool (not cold) compress. A person must be a "warm heart" and "cool head" with the excitement of the blood rushes to your head. Therefore, exercises for the head occupy a special place autogenous training. A carefully perform exercises 1-5 and concentrates for a few seconds until the first local sensation, and then 3-6 times repeats the installation: "Lob pleasantly cool."view more sources.

Focus on exercise, "Heat" and associated "with this feeling cause dilation of blood vessels, which to some extent is to increase skin temperature. Not so with a sense of coolness in the forehead.

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